Starcraft 2 — 5 Million copies sold on launch day

Posted on July 27, 2010


Starcraft II is going to be huge, no doubt.

Let’s talk numbers.

Starcraft 2 is expected to have sold 4.8 million copies on its recent launch day. That’s over $310 million dollars ($310,000,000) in 24 hours, which is about $309,999,800 more than I’ve ever made in one day.

So far, there has been over 2 million pre-orders placed worldwide. The game already has over one million beta players. There would be more, but not everybody was selected. Boggles the mind.

The first Starcraft caused people in Asian countries such as Korea to neglect their jobs, their families, even themselves (one guy died from dehydration). It might as well be there national sport.

We’ve been waiting for 12 years. 12 long, long years.

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