Rumor: Insomniac Working on New Ratchet and Clank, Not Resistance 3

Posted on August 6, 2010


Read the full interview on Shogun Gamer here.

There's a new Ratchet and Clank in the works!

The big rumor in the video gaming world today is that Insomniac is developing a new Ratchet and Clank title, but not a new Resistance title. This comes from an interview with David Kaye, the voice actor for Clank in the R&C franchise and Nathan Hale in the Resistance franchise, where the following was said:

Lastly, what projects can we expect to hear you in next? Will you be reprising any roles in upcoming projects like Nathan Hale from the Resistance franchise?

David Kaye: Don’t know about Nate. There are some interesting developments always coming from Insomniac games. We’re working on more R&C currently.

So then, David just pretty much revealed that there is going to be a new Ratchet and Clank game, then. Neat-o. But what about this Resistance business?

Could this be the end of the Resistance franchise?

Well, it can mean a couple of things:

  1. There is no new Resistance being made
  2. The new Resistance is slated for a future development time
  3. The voice of Nathan Hale is being recasted.

This last possibility is worth exploring. Insomniac might be recasting Nathan in Resistance 3 (Eg. Cole in inFamous 2). But, on the other hand, some have speculated that Insomniac has handed quite a bit of a development to Resistance 3 to an internal Sony studio.

The last possible outcome is that the storyline will follow the surprise ending of Resistance 2, where Nathan Hale dies. Maybe Resistance 3 will have a whole ‘nother hero.

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