Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta Website Launched; Killzone As an Atari 2600 Game (link included)

Posted on August 8, 2010


The Killzone 3 Beta Website

Earlier today the Killzone 3 Multiplayer beta website was confirmed as real. The games developer Guerilla is expected to make an announcement that the game is indeed in production very soon.

Killzone 3 is slated to have its multiplayer details to be revealed at the upcoming Gamescom. This site must be a preliminary step to the company announcing the beta.

Killzone 2 Community Website

The Killzone 2 Community Website, a Playstation Network service, has the Killzone 3 beta website listed under it’s service. This is pretty much a solid confirmation that their will be a public beta announcement soon, considering that everyone that had access to the Killzone 2 multiplayer beta (launched 10/08/08) ┬ácan view the Killzone 3 beta themselves.

A Killzone 3 beta website is also in existence, that lets you log-in with your Playstation Network ID. However, the website bars you from accessing that contents of the webpage as of yet.

Trust that we will keep you updated on all future developments.

Killzone 2 Community Website

In related news, an Atari 2600 demake of Killzone won first prize at a demake competition.

Killzone for Atari

This game is incredibly short, incredibly hard, and incredibly ugly. Get it here.

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