Why Halo: Reach is unique

Posted on August 9, 2010


The game has gone transorbital

Halo is an institution nowadays. It’s one of those brands that people instantly associate with the video game industry. Yet, with that level of recognition, its core game play can become too well-known to the point that people can get bored of it very quickly. However, Bungie has really shown its merit as a game developer by adding aspects into Halo: Reach that have never before been seen in a FPS. Here’s a quick list:

1. Programmable AI

The customization available for multiplayer bots in Halo: Reach is mind-boggling. The player can program the game’s enemy and friendly bots to the nth degree. Attributes such as Rate of fire, whether they used grenades, range of hearing, aggressiveness, health, shields, arrival method, map placement, and running speed, just to name a few, can be fully adjusted. What this makes for is a multiplayer game that will stay endlessly fresh and exciting.

2. The Halo Engine

The game’s engine is almost completely different in this new iteration. Even though Bungie doesn’t admit that it’s a ‘new’ engine, don’t be fooled. Most game companies say that they have a new engine, when in reality they only change one or two things. In this iteration of Halo, they have based the game on the Halo 3 engine, but have almost completely overhauled it.

3. Gaming Divisions

A monthly scoring system has been applied to the Slayer and Team Slayer modes, diverting players into five unique leagues. Promotion depends on your monthly performance, with many statistics, such as assists and kill/death ratios, influencing the eventual outcome. Rest assured that the die-hard gamers among you will play in marathon gaming sessions until they come out on top.

4. Custom Skulls

Yes, that’s right, custom skulls. You can essentially alter any parameter of the game that you wish. Alter the speed midfight; increase a player’s ‘Shootiness’ to make them superaccurate; increase a player’s shields and make them move super slow to turn them into a juggernaut. The possibilities are limitless.

Make a team of super strong, super dumb AI characters. Why not?

5. Blast off into space seamlessly

Say you get bored of one planet and want to go to another one. How do you do it? Easy. Just strap yourself into a rocket, and away you go. The best part? It’s done completely seamlessly. You’ll go from shootouts on some planet’s surface to full-on dogfights in space, without ever seeing a loading screen.

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